Belozerje's Visit to Norway

31 October to 10 November 2014


Many people from several Norwegian music and dance groups have had a very good time visiting St. Petersburg in the last few years. We now return the favor by welcoming Belozerje to our dance and music communities here in Norway.

See more about Belozerje, including some films, at their web page

Daily program

Friday 31 October Arrive from Russia
Arrive Oslo Gardermoen with Norwegian flight from St. Petersburg, DY 1091 13:50-13:50. Some people to go Alix's, some to Rødkleivhytta.
Saturday 1 November Party in Ski-Ås
Party in Ski-Ås with Springar'n and De Frilynde. Belozerje will teach Russian dances. There will will also be Norwegian gammeldans. Norwegians are welcome to come - bring a contribution to the food table.
Sunday 2 November Visit Norwegian dance at BLS
Belozerje vists the Sunday dance in BLS, Nordahl Bruns gate 22. They will have the minicourse 18:00-19:30. There will also be a 30 minute performance, probably at 19:00.
Monday 3 November Visit international folk dancers (OIFK)
Belozerje vists OIFK (Oslo internasjonale folkedansklubb) at Bårdar, Rosenkrantz gate 22, Oslo, from 20:00-22:00. There will be a 30 minute performance, Belozerje will lead Russian dances, and we will do some Balkan dances.
Tuesday 4 November Free day in Oslo
We recommend a visit to museums on the Bygdøy peninsula, especially the Folk Museum and the Viking ships.
Wednesday 5 November Travel to Steinkjer
Train from Oslo to Trondheim, leaving 08:10, arriving 14:45. Spend a few hours in Trondheim, maybe visit a folk dance group, and take the train on to Steinkjer (goes every hour, takes about 2 hours).
Thursday 6 November Hilmarfestivalen in Steinkjer
Visit Hilmarfestivalen.
Friday 7 November Hilmarfestivalen in Steinkjer
Visit Hilmarfestivalen. Concert 16:00-17:00
Saturday 8 November Hilmarfestivalen in Steinkjer
Visit Hilmarfestivalen. Performances around town.
Sunday 9 November Travel back to Oslo
Train from Steinkjer to Oslo, 05:40 – 15:03. Everyone will stay overnight with Bjørn Ove and Alix. Those who still have energy can visit the Sunday night dance in Oslo (Nordahl Bruns gate 22).
Monday 10 November Depart for Russia
Plane leaves Oslo Gardermoen at 09:05.

Last updated 25.09.2014